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Die Erfolgsgeschichte von Grupo Amorim - ABBA

Corticeira Amorim is one of the 84 companies under Grupo Amorim - one of Portugal´s biggest and most dynamic multinationals.

Unipartner guides you through the success story of Corticeira Amorim´s data transformation journey to solve the company´s most critical data management and analysis needs.

​To overcome the challenge, Unipartner designed and implemented a solution designated ABBA (Amorim Better Business Analytics) to give the company a holistic vision of processes and provide users with more autonomy in data exploration.

Learn more about the ABBA solution and find out how Unipartner helped Corticeira Amorim achieve an end-to-end vision of data and leverage innovation in the organization.

For more information, contact Unipartner at e-mail.


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