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Lernen Sie die Approvals Manager App kennen

Wir alle haben gesehen, welche Auswirkungen leistungsstarke Teams in Unternehmen haben können. Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie hätten einen Kanal, über den Sie neue Anfragen einreichen, zusammenarbeiten und sofort Feedback von verschiedenen Abteilungen erhalten können.

Approvals Manager App is a process-improving solution, built on Power Apps and Microsoft Teams, that Unipartner has been developing alongside clients to improve their productivity and collaboration.

The solution changes the submission of new approval requests by streamlining the long and manual processes onto Microsoft Teams. It centralizes all approval requests, the documentation that supports decision-making and all its history based on a structure of workflows defined at the start of each request.

Approvals Manager App presents operations’ KPIs to support daily statuses and a global dashboard with several metrics and SLAs. Additionally, it sends notifications through Teams, to support users’ actions and incorporates a virtual agent to answer coworkers’ questions if needed

Find out more about Approvals Manager App here:


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