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Empowering Client Success - Unipartner's Annual Company Meeting 2024

Our Annual Company Meeting was a tribute to the power of teamwork and our shared dedication to achieving our objectives, no matter where in the world we are! Bringing together our Family for a day of reflection and forward planning, we showcased remarkable success stories with our clients and set ambitious goals for the future, extending beyond borders and across continents. 🌍


The day was enriched by insightful presentations that highlighted our innovative projects and the focus for this year’s meeting. We are more committed than ever to understanding and prioritizing the needs of our clients. Each of us plays an important role in ensuring that every service, offer crafted or project delivered by Unipartner not only meets expectations but surpasses them by proactively anticipating and addressing their needs. 👏🏼


We were honored to welcome on this special occasion our guest speakers who presented inspiring keynotes. Andres Ortola, General Manager of Microsoft Portugal, presented a customer centric architecture sharing important knowledge on customer experience. It was also a pleasure to have the Microsoft team members we work closely with, Abel Aguiar, Paulo Pina Calado, Pedro Freitas and Luísa Rodrigues at our event. Mafalda Almeida, Rising Group’s CEO, explored the concepts of power skills and enhancing client relationship, a motivational pitch that inspired our teams.


The day ended with a dynamic teambuilding activity that took us through the beautiful streets of Parque das Nações on an adventurous quest as well as a wonderful dinner and lively party, celebrating our achievements and the strong sense of community that makes Unipartner unique. 🤝


Here’s to another year of collective effort, client success, and shared excellence!

Together, we are ready to take on new challenges and create even greater value with our solutions! 🚀



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