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Celebrating Motherhood: Encouraging Healthy living habits

Unipartner celebrated the power of motherhood and took a moment to recognize the incredible moms who are part of our team. From Funchal to Porto Salvo, we showed our appreciation for their ongoing support and guidance. ✨

Mother's Day is a special time to recognize those who raised us, supported us, and shaped who we are. It's a day to express our gratitude for their unconditional love, endless encouragement, and the countless ways they've made a difference in our lives. But the impact of mothers goes far beyond this one day. Their impact is a lasting presence shaping every aspect of our lives. They teach us resilience, ignite our curiosity, and fuel our ambition.

Dina Ferreira, a nutritionist with 17 years of experience, a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food from the University of Porto and a Master’s in Health Education, was our guest to take part in this moment and equipped families with the tools for a healthier future. We counted on the energizing "Strategies to Improve Our Children's Meals" workshop, and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn practical tips and delicious recipes for making healthy eating easy for our families.

Healthy eating habits are the foundation for a better future generation. Learning the powerful connection between food choices and how they make us feel is a step toward a healthier lifestyle and planet. Children are part of an evolving future, and this workshop gave us the tools to help them grow strong! 🚀

Let's celebrate the mothers and fathers who shape the foundation of healthy habits, one nutritious bite and playful adventure at a time.


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